Why I Became a Coach

Because it seemed cool. The end.

Just kidding! 😉

I’m actually not a coach by full-time professional standards. I hold a full-time job in marketing and corporate events for the human capital management industry. So I don’t spend my entire day training clients, writing meal plans, and getting my own pump in like most trainers do.

In fact, until recently, I had never really coached anyone or done anything similar throughout my life or my career. But when I started out on my own journey, I had so many questions and although I wanted to get fit and become healthier, I wanted to do it in a feasible way.

Admittedly, I do have an “all in or nothing” type of mentality for certain things and this was one of them… So researching and asking questions on the internet wasn’t enough for me. I went and got certified as a personal training, health coach and stress management coach. Why? For no other reason than to learn things for my own personal use.

If I was going to commit to a healthier lifestyle, I needed the knowledge and the tools to help me stay committed (or help me get back on track if I ever fall off).

It wasn’t until I started posting my progress and fitness related things that I started getting questions and people started asking me for my advice. I was flattered, to say the least, but a lightbulb also lit up for me when I realized – I actually love this.

I love being able to answer the questions that people have and finding solutions that work for people. I love being able to give them advice based on my education, experiences and research. I love being able to break some common misconceptions that have been weighing people down for years. I love being able to offer support and motivation to the people I reach.

And then it kinda fell onto my lap… I told myself, “if you love it so much, do something with it. Help people with their goals. Motivate them. Make them dig deeper than they thought they could. Pull out the greatness that’s dormant inside of them and let it shine.”

THAT is what fills my heart with fire and my belly with passion for this lifestyle and this journey. It sounds a little dramatic, I’m sure, but it’s true. Like I always say – fitness is not just about physical changes. Your accomplishments and the mental/emotional things you refine inside the gym carry throughout all other aspects of your life – business, career, relationships, and self-love. And chances are you don’t even realize it.

But I do. And it’s a beautiful thing to experience, not to mention support to help grow.

So I decided that I was going to share everything I’ve learned along the way and continue to share all the new things I learn too. My mission is to help anyone who is committed to helping themselves. If that means a new program – awesome. If that means moral support – I’m there. If that means a “mirror on the wall” attitude to keep you in check – you got it.

I became a coach because I found that I have a deep rooted passion for helping people in an area that’s often a vulnerable one for most. I became a coach because my perspective and attitude helped people close to me and that lit a fire under me to help more. I became a coach because I want to show others that this lifestyle does not have to be a tedious and time-consuming chore – it can actually be enjoyable, funny, fulfilling and sustainable. You just have to have the right perspective and the right support.

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