The Mission

My mission is simple: to help people that are committed to helping themselves.

No coach, trainer, or supporter can be committed or do the work FOR you. You have want to change and commit to the change before any type of coaching will pay off for you.

I’m here for support, guidance and direction but you will have to put in the work – both in and out of the gym. There is no shortcut for that. I don’t believe in diet pills and loading you up with things you don’t need.

I’m straightforward with everyone. I don’t sugarcoat things having to do with your health that should be taken serious and can essentially prevent or mitigate disease and illness as we age.

With that being said – this journey is a very rewarding one. It has its challenges and setbacks like anything else in life but the payoff is worth it. Fitness and making changes to live a healthier lifestyle teaches you things and helps you grow in all other aspects of your life.

It instills discipline, flexibility, patience and self-acceptance to name a few. When you work on these day to day in the gym, it sharpens you for everything else outside of the gym as well. Not to mention, you also end up getting a nice bod to go with that attitude 😉


If you’re really ready to commit to helping yourself, I’m ready to commit to helping you in any way that I can.

To read about why I got started, the changes I made and how I got here, you can check out my transformation post.