My Own Transformation

My own personal change started in April of 2016. I was just trying to enjoy life, indulge in food and having a good time. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind to stop and think about my health or physical fitness. I figured, “I’m young. What’s the worst that can happen?”

IMG_6787But when Tortuga Music Festival rolled around and I took this picture (on the left) and saw it, I immediately felt so uncomfortable and horrified. Who was that? How did I let it get that far? I know I wanted to have a good time and I was all about adventures and food but at what cost?

Sure, I wasn’t extremely overweight when I started but to give you a little more context, I am 5’2″ to begin with so any weight I put on is going to be noticeable. Throughout high school, I was barely a size 2. I was a dancer so I was always moving around after school during practice – never taking into account that I was getting in exercise while doing that. Fast forward to a year ago, I found myself at roughly 147lbs, pre-hypertensive and struggling to walk up a flight of stairs. Sometimes, it’s not about the scale or even the look. Sometimes, you just get scared about struggling with basic every day things.

That was my moment. I needed to make a change. Because the one thing I wanted more than I wanted a good time, was to feel happy and comfortable and proud in my own skin. But how? I didn’t feel comfortable going to the gym mainly because I didn’t know HOW to work out. Where do I start? What about my food? Do I really have to give up all of my favorite things?

IMG_4803I made many different decisions along the way and even more mistakes. But I found a balance and that’s what ultimately kept me on track. Because I knew if I was going to be healthy and fit, I needed to be realistic about it.

There’s no way I’m sacrificing all of my favorite things and no way I’m going to cultivate an unhealthy relationship with food or outings. That’s not the tradeoff. I needed to find a way for both to exist and I did.

IMG_4804While most people thrive on deadlines, it helped me to not have one. It helped me wrap my head around “forever” and not think in terms of “right now”. This also helped me with those days/weeks that I didn’t feel motivated and slacked.

I said to myself, “it’s ok. a few days in the larger picture of the rest of your life doesn’t even put a dent in anything.” It took a lot of the pressure off of me and it allowed me to actually enjoy the process. It allowed me to fall in love with both the accomplishments and the fails. Each one being a turn to the next exciting limit I pushed passed.

A year later I’m between 123-126lbs and I love the way I look but what’s even better is that I feel amazing and I feel unstoppable. I’m no where near “peak” condition and I don’t intend to be right now. That’s not my goal. My goal has always been to live happily and balanced being healthy, feeling comfortable and accomplished and not sacrificing the non-fitness related things that bring me joy.

IMG_4805I do not train people for a living. I have a completely non-fitness related full-time job. I train and coach people because I love helping those that are committed to making themselves better. I became certified and educated in fitness and continue to test theories and methods for myself, as well as to help others through what I’ve learned from my mistakes and successes.

I started this journey to help myself because I couldn’t connect with anyone that I really trusted to help me at my most vulnerable. And although I will be on my own personal journey for the rest of my life, I feel like it’s taken me in a direction where I’m now able to help people the same way I needed help.

My mission is to inspire, coach and help you motivate yourself. Because if I was able to do it and stick to it, you sure as hell can too.